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A Private Letter Made Public E-Book
E-book by Christopher

"A Private Letter Made Public" is a study of the New Testament Book of Philemon. Although short in length (25 verses), Phiiemon is rich in life lessons. It's the story of a runaway slave named Onesimus who becomes a Christian through the hands of the apostle Paul. Eventually Onesimus returns to his master Philemon and asks to be reinstated into his household. At that time there were serious consequences by law for slaves who ran away. Will Philemon decide to take him back?

This 52-page e-book explores the epistle of Philemon verse by verse and brings out its rich themes of forgiveness and reconciliation. Customs of the time are explained, as well as how this story is relevant to everyone in the church today.

Pastor Christopher Mulapwa is the Founder and Director of Elohim Global Ministries in Zambia, Africa. He also runs KFMI Schools of Ministry throughout Zambia.

This is his first written publication. He wrote "A Private Letter Made Public" in English, although his native language is Bemba.

All proceeds from e-book sales support Pastor Christopher's work in Africa.


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