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How To Walk By the Spirit In Your Marriage CDs
by Paul Norcross

The strength of every church can be said to rest upon the strength of the marriages within the church. Why? Because the Biblical model for the mystery of the one body of Christ is marriage!

Learn how to strengthen your marriage in this Christ-centered series, designed to allow the Holy Spirit’s involvement to bring healing, new vitality, and restoration to God’s heirs together in the grace of life.

With over 30 years of personal marriage experience, and as many years of marital and pastoral counseling in ministry, Dr. Paul Norcross shares vital Biblical and practical keys to building and fixing marriages God’s way — by His Spirit. Only in this way can longstanding problems be fixed.

Teaching titles include: “Setting God’s Standard For Marriage” “Love and the Priorities of Marriage and Ministry” “Learning To Break Ungodly Soul-Ties” “Dealing With Issues” “Living By The Covenant” “Our Marriage To The Lamb”.

Let this powerful teaching series revitalize and strengthen your marriage today.

5 CD set.


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