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In His Own Image: We Are Wonderfully Made
by Art Mathias

This book documents how emotional stress breaks down the body, and becomes the cause of many common illnesses.

A companion book to "Biblical Foundations Of Freedom" by the same author, the book begins with a thorough explanation of how the immune system and the hormone production systems become suppressed and often partially dysfunctional during extended periods of emotional upset. When the turmoil subsides on the surface, emotional issues are shown to cause continuing adverse impacts on health.

The correlation between catastrophic illness (or continuing sickness) with roots of bitterness and other such emotional trauma is thoroughly documented. Insights for dealing with them spiritually with God are offered, which pave the way for receiving, as well as keeping one's healing.

The last section of the book can be used as a reference guide to general ailments and diseases, and their common spiritual/emotional strongholds.

This book is an excellent resource tool for pastoral counseling.


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