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Succeeding in Spiritual Warfare: Lessons from Joshua
by Paul Norcross

This book builds an appetite for learning to walk by the Spirit – whatever it takes. With prophetic insight into the first 8 chapters of the book of Joshua, it shares powerful, behind-the-scenes understanding of the Lord’s working with Joshua to raise him up as a warrior.

Verse-by-verse details regarding taking the Promised Land are shared, as well as learning to obey revelation to take our Promised Land today. Many readers share they can’t put the book down once they start it, and find the insights breathtaking.

Excerpts:  “Jericho was out of reach to those who hardened their hearts in self-dependence. But Joshua was in charge, and he was one of the two who learned to hear and obey their Commander-in-Chief.”

“The enemy is quick to exploit spiritual bravado. No one will successfully engage him without first developing the capacity to hear My voice, and utilize it before each battle they face.”

“…cursed objects enable serious attacks by the enemy. So few of My people will hear and discern the things they bring into their homes, yet they will cry out to Me when their lives fall apart while the cursed objects remain.”

“I know all things. I know the future. I know what the enemy will try to do before he does it. Thus I know how to train My people ahead of time if they would learn to sit still and listen to Me.”

Reader's Comments:

From Ohio:  “I'm excited! When I finished your book on Joshua, I was sad it was over, kind of like a good movie, and you find yourself watching the credits roll by.”            

From Georgia:   "I would just like to thank you for having the guts to write down what Jesus said to you in your book, ‘Succeeding in Spiritual Warfare: Lessons From Joshua.' I only got it last week but I’ve read it carefully twice now. Wow! It’s awesome! What truths! And of course they’d have to be coming from Jesus. How very exciting! I can’t really express how amazing I find this book, but if you could hear me you’d be hearing me yell, ‘Yes!!!!’ Thanks so much....I have ordered more books this week!"


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