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Why Modern Politics Are So Wicked E-Book
E-book by Paul Norcross

The Bible identifies certain people who are so wicked and evil that they merit specific attention and require particular spiritual countermeasures. These people are called “children (or men/sons) of Belial.” In the New Testament, they are equated with children of the devil. Their characteristics are striking. They are also disturbingly familiar, especially in political circles.

A simple study of the activities of children of Belial in the Bible reveals their methods of operation and God’s solution toward them.

It is important to realize that men of Belial are demonically inspired, they arise in every culture, and they exist to steal, kill and destroy God’s purposes and His people. Their primary tactics center on producing national strife, and the removal of God from popular thought and reverence. Through inciting violence, mass deception, murder (often through false accusation), and the worship of anything other than God, they work behind the scenes, preferring to remain hidden until their opposition is sufficiently crushed.

This 52 page e-book is written to students of the Holy Bible who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are able to separate Biblical truth from error. It will be neither relevant nor fully understandable for those who are not also familiar with the working of the Holy Spirit.

As such, the reader must be able to divorce secular political opinion and sentiment from the Biblical principles which this book seeks to teach and illustrate. The fact that the Bible contains timeless principles of effective governance speaks to its continuing relevance to modern politics.

Understanding the works of children of Belial is vital for Christian understanding in every nation, and such timeless principles are written in Scripture for our learning. No nation is immune from the terrible effects of embracing other gods and the political leadership which welcomes them.


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