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Dining At The Master's Table: Learning to Hear the Voice of the Lord
by Paul Norcross

Teaches practical Biblical keys to help readers learn to clearly and confidently hear the voice of the Lord. Written with humility and encouragement, this book thoroughly documents why it is that the Lord desires to have close, intimate communications with every believer.

Many pastors call or write to say that outside of the Bible, it is one of the best books they have ever read to help people come into a greater understanding of how to grow in intimacy with the Lord, and clearly discern His voice.

220 pages. Soft cover.

Reader’s Comments:

From Australia:   "This evening as I was driving home I started talking to Father, thanking him for the day, and all He had done for me. Father told me he had been waiting all my life to speak to me, and tell me of his love for me…His words touched me so deeply, I couldn’t stop the tears welling up in my eyes.

My brother, your book is teaching me how to listen to God, but more importantly how I must act - NOW! It is changing my life. I keep reading and thinking about the section on repenting. The book is showing me how to change direction after repenting, and I believe that it's also showing me how to listen and hear our heavenly Father’s voice. I believe I have started dining at the Lord’s table, and at the moment we are having soup!”

From Massachusetts:  " Could you send us 4 more copies of ‘Dining At The Master’s Table’ when you can, and I'll send you a check today? I'm sure we will sell or give away the other two in no time at all... It is a wonderful blessing to everyone who reads it. My husband is devouring it daily now, and even mentioning passages when he preaches.”


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