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Principles For Overcoming In Spiritual Warfare
by Paul Norcross

This book is designed to help every believer gain victory over the demonic kingdom as they draw near to Jesus Christ.

This is not light-weight material. It equips each believer to close doors to enemy attacks, deal with curses, cursed objects and witchcraft, break ungodly soul-ties, cast out demons, clear out roots of bitterness and their insidious effects, and learn how to hear and obey God in the midst of a crisis.

Unlike any other spiritual warfare manual, this teaching set enables Christians to take back their dominion authority in Christ. The book is widely used in training pastors in Africa and Asia where witchcraft and darkness have prevailed far too long.

Sadly, it is no different in most other places too!

This book is a must for any serious minister or intercessor in the body of Christ.

Also available as Book and 5 DVD set packaged together (see separate listing).


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