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Paul D. Norcross


Rev. Paul Norcross has been traveling and teaching God’s Word for over 40 years in nearly as many countries throughout the world. Paul is the founder and president of Kingdom Faith Ministries International, which is devoted to helping God’s people learn to hear and obey the voice of the Lord. He is also the pastor of Maranatha Bible Chapel in the United States.

A former Navy Commander with baccalaureate and master’s degrees in industrial engineering, Paul and his wife Rita both graduated from seminary and received their baccalaureate of theology degrees in Biblical Studies. In 1984 Paul was ordained to the Christian ministry.  He subsequently earned a doctorate in Christian Education in 2006, followed by a doctorate in Theology in 2017.

Over the years the Lord has led Paul to write many books, which have blessed Christians around the world. Their focus is to help connect believers more confidently and intimately with our Lord Jesus Christ, to effectively operate the manifestations, or gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to bring healing and deliverance from witchcraft and curses. Dr. Paul’s books are currently used as curriculum for Bible schools and colleges in more than 23 nations. Over 70,000 experienced pastors have graduated from KFMI Schools of Ministry in the past 12 years alone.

Rita Norcross holds key roles at home as she coordinates work at their rural farm. She holds baccalaureate degrees in both nursing and theology, and oversaw the homeschooling of their three children. Now a retired registered nurse, Rita is also a powerful Bible teacher and administrative helper with the work of KFMI.

Paul and Rita’s passion is to teach Christians to walk in their God-given spiritual power and understand how to hear and obey the voice of the Lord. Signs, miracles and wonders follow their ministries. Their heart is to teach pastors, church leaders, and enthusiastic believers to learn the divine purpose, plan, and destiny reserved for each of them by the Lord, and to equip them to carry this out through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Married for 45 years, Paul and Rita enjoy time with their children and grandchildren, working together on the farm, quiet time in the country, the joy-filled fellowship of the saints in their home church, and the quiet warmth of a great cup of coffee by the woodstove in the presence of the Lord!

Maranatha Bible Chapel

Richard K. Elton

Vice President   

Rich and his wife Cheryl have been assisting and supporting Kingdom Faith Ministries International since 2011, and are committed to the mission of helping believers worldwide learn to hear the voice of the Lord.

After 50 years in active Christian ministry, Rich has learned how vitally important it is to be led by the Spirit of God in every decision, and not by our own senses planning or good intentions. Only then will ministry efforts bear great fruit and glorify God.

Rich became a committed Christian while attending a vibrant campus fellowship at St. Lawrence University. Over the years, his faith has deepened as he’s grown in his relationship with the Lord, and gained experience in a variety of roles within His church.

While in graduate school in Vermont, he and a friend started several new fellowship groups. For many years Rich and Cheryl led a small group fellowship in their home. He helped conduct a weekly Christian fellowship with inmates at a nearby State Prison for 12 years, and then led a Bible study at another prison. Rich is also active in a men’s fellowship and serves as an elder at a local church.

Rich enjoys all types of wilderness sports and gets outdoors as often as he can. He loves science and nature because they reveal the awesomeness and creativity of our heavenly Father. You will often find him worshiping the Lord outside in God’s “green cathedral,” a place where Rich goes frequently to bask in the Lord’s presence.

Rich and Cheryl live in northern New York and have two grown sons. He recently retired after 38 years in polymer science, and looks forward to devoting more time to the Lord’s work.

Cheryl A. Elton

Administrative Assistant   

Cheryl is a devoted disciple of the King, who serves as the administrative assistant for Paul Norcross and Kingdom Faith Ministries International. At any moment she has her hands in multiple projects—from purchasing equipment for pastors in Africa, to formatting a new e-book, to sending a monthly newsletter. She also shares in the editing and writing of ministry materials, and acts as webmaster for KFMI online.

Active in Christian ministry since high school, Cheryl brings many years experience teaching, counseling, and sharing God’s truth with people of all ages and walks of life.

An accomplished writer, award-winning author, speaker, and blogger, Cheryl loves that God primarily reveals Himself through words. Her love of words led to a bachelor’s degree in English, and subsequent training in journalism, copywriting, and biblical studies. She sees learning to hear and obey the Lord’s voice of utmost importance for anyone desiring to carry out Christ’s work in the world.

Her book Pathway of Peace: Living in a Growing Relationship with Christ, explores how to cultivate enduring peace in our lives, which she views a prerequisite for effectively receiving the Lord’s daily revelation manna.

Cheryl’s favorite place is on the ice, skating. A dedicated figure skater and small business entrepreneur, she has written and produced instructional DVDs for ice dancing.

Off the ice she enjoys music, reading, playing the piano, bike riding, stage shows, caramel lattes, and spending time with her family. Cheryl and her husband Rich have been married for 40 years, and have two sons.

Pastor (John) Amos Muyelele

Director, KFMI Africa 

Pastor Amos Muyelele serves as the African Director for Kingdom Faith Ministries International. He oversees and coordinates the running of all KFMI Schools of Ministry across Kenya 15+ other African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, and Zambia.

Pastor Amos handles all correspondence, logistics, and distribution of teaching materials and other equipment necessary for running the schools of ministry to train pastors and church leaders.

He is also the senior pastor a local church in his hometown. Amos graduated from Bungoma Bible School in 2002 and East Africa Bible College in 2004 with diplomas in theology.

Shortly after graduation, while finishing four nights of prayer and fasting, Amos received a clear call from the Lord into pastoral and teaching ministry. God connected him with Kingdom Faith Ministries International and he attended a pastors training conference in Kenya led by Dr. Paul Norcross. As hunger grew to learn more about hearing God’s voice, he realized he couldn’t make any true and lasting godly progress in ministry or in personal life without God’s direction, His rhema words.

Several years later, after studying and growing in these truths, God put a burden on Amos’ heart to share the message of hearing the Lord’s voice with others. Doors opened for him to share on two FM radio stations. This resulted in many pastors calling for more teachings, eventually leading to the tremendous growth we are seeing today all across Africa through KFMI Schools of Ministry.

Amos was ordained a minister of the gospel in 2007, and recognized as a registered Christian marriage counselor and minister by the Kenyan government in 2014. He also oversees the administration of KFFI, a registered foundation based in Kenya.

Amos and his wife, Pastor Caroline (Carol) Wanyaga, work together in ministry while raising three active sons.

Read Amos’ remarkable testimony of how he connected with KFMI here.

Carol Wanyaga and Amos married in December 2005 and co-pastor their home church. Carol serves as pastor to children’s, youth, and women’s ministries. She also oversees church activities when John is travelling.

Carol stays busy raising their three sons while additionally serving as administrative assistant for the KFMI/KFFI office and Schools of Ministry.  

Carol graduated from International School of Missions (ISOM) Thika in 2002, and was ordained into Christian ministry in 2013. She continues to pastor in her church and serves as administrative assistant for KFMI/KFFI Africa.

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