Enjoy video teachings of Dr. Paul Norcross from his YouTube channel KingdomFaithPaul,
each with the focus of drawing you into closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


Recent Web Family Fellowship Videos
Can We Really Do Greater Works?
Don't Forget to Worship
The Fire of God
The Art of Stillness
New Covenant Truths

Web Family Fellowship Teachings
Revival From the Presence of the Lord
Developing the Attitude of a Warrior
Stand and Withstand
How Jesus Did Nothing of Himself
God's Opinion of You
There is Liberty in the Land!
Enable Your Angels
And Follow Me: How to Restore Your Commitment
You Shall Be His Treasure
Stepping Out of the Boat: Going Radical for God
Partnering With The Holy Spirit
Freely You Have Received
How to Release God's Strength
The Doors God Opens
Rebuild Your Confidence!
What Is The Water Of Life?
Don't Settle For One-Way Prayers
The Year Of The Redeemed
How God Fulfills His Vision
Let God Arise
God's Answer To Political Correctness
Overcoming Rulers Of Darkness
Filling The Earth With His Glory
Reverse The Curse
Speaking In Tongues: An Essential Tool For Our Times
Building & Ordaining Leaders In The Body Of Christ
The Mechanism Of Miracles
Your Kingdom Power To Heal
How Obedience Increases God's Favor
Warfare From Behind The Veil
How To Wage Supernatural Spiritual Warfare
Jesus Is Waiting For You In The Garden
What Angels Do With Your Prayers
How Miracles Work
The Rock That Is Higher Than I
Get New Boldness For Your Fight
Our Greatest Spiritual Weapon

African Pastor Training Teachings (web fellowships)
Why Those Who Rest Accomplish More for the Kingdom
How to Prepare a Sermon
How to Have a Heart Like David
The Meeting Place
How God Gives the Power to Get Wealth
Hope, Presence, and Power
Coming Into His Temple

English / Kiswahili Teachings
Let God Build Your Church
5 Weapons Of Spiritual Warfare

Healing Keys Seminar (English & Urdu)
Healing Keys 1: The Word Heals
Healing Keys 2: Healing Is Already Done
Healing Keys 3: Rescued From Darkness
Healing Keys 4: Begin To Take Authority Over Sickness
Healing Keys 5: Walking In Authority Over Sickness
Healing Keys 6: Get More Information On Healing

Single Teachings
How To Stay Yoked To The Master
How To Get a New Heart For God
How God Heals A Nation
How Is Jesus Bringing Life To The World Today?
How To Pray With More Power
How Can I Endure In A Crisis?
How To Cast Out Demons
How To Have A Heart Like David's
How To Be Strong In The Lord
Why Fear The Lord
How To Overcome Runaway Emotions
How To Let God Help
How To Let God Help 2
How Can I Draw Near
His Well In You
Watch Your Words

Living Seminar
Living In The Spirit 1: Drink From The Fountain
Living In The Spirit 2: Live The New Covenant
Living In The Spirit 3: Be Stubborn On God's Revelation To You
Living In The Spirit 4: Live By The Spirit Of The Lord
Living In The Spirit 5: Building God's Meeting Place
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